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Karate Kid | All Homemade Halloween Costumes

Karate Kid

Kids will get a kick out of this punny costume.


  • templates
  • gray felt
  • masking, first-aid, and duct tape
  • faux-fur
  • karate uniform and flip flops
  • craft foam
  • headband
  • aluminum foil


Karate Kid step 1

1. Ears and horns: Cut two ears from gray felt. (Download our free templates). Pinch them at one end, and attach them to a headband with masking tape, as shown. Shape two large pieces of aluminum foil into horns. Cover them with masking tape, then attach them to the top of the headband with more tape.

2. Beard and hooves: Cut out a faux-fur beard shape from the template and use first-aid tape to stick it to your child's chin. Draw and cut out hooves from craft foam using the template and secure them inside the sleeves with duct tape.