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Jumping Cups | Recycled Crafts

Jumping Cups

This rubber band–powered toy flings a cup skyward, making it ideal for bringing a rocket or jumping frog to life.


  • 2 plastic cups
  • 2 rubber bands
  • tape
  • paper and crayons


1. To create our simple launcher, you'll need two plastic cups that are the same size. Make four evenly spaced, half-inch snips in the rim of one cup.

Jumping Cups step 2

2. Cut two rubber bands, knot them, and place them in the slits so that they are just taut, as shown. Place a piece of tape over each slit on the inside of the cup to keep it from splitting.

3. Have your child do a drawing, then cut it out, and tape it in place on the cup with the rubber bands.

4. To launch, press this cup down over the other cup. Quickly let go and watch the cup blast off!


This idea was originally presented on Bloesem Kids (, a blog about unique and well-designed kids' toys, clothes, rooms, and crafts.