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Jar Luminarias | Christmas Display Ideas

Jar Luminarias

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This perfect-for-any-age project uses glass jars to give a warm glow to your entry or mantel. You can punch letters, a snowflake pattern, or any other festive design.


  • a clean, dry glass jar
  • aluminum foil
  • foam tray for work surface
  • pen or toothpick
  • tape
  • tea light


  1. To make each lantern, clean and dry a glass jar. Measure and cut a piece of aluminum foil to fit around it with a bit of overlap.
  2. Lay the foil on a meat tray or other foam tray, then use a pen or toothpick to pierce holes through the foil to create a design or letter. (If desired, you can use a toothpick to lightly score the design or letter on the foil first, then pierce holes along the guidelines.)
  3. Carefully wrap the foil around the jar and tape it. Place a tea light inside.