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It's a String Thing | Drawing Projects

It's a String Thing

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

These cute dolls are made from plastic bottles, yarn and a whole lot of creativity!


  • Clean plastic bottle
  • Double-sided tape
  • Yarn (we used 24 yards to cover a 10-inch-tall bottle)
  • Scissors
  • Wooden spoon
  • Paint, markers, or crayons


  • Accessories such as googly eyes, ribbon, beads, and tacky glue


  1. Place 4 equally spaced strips of double-sided tape vertically up the sides of the bottle. Wrap double-sided tape horizontally around the bottom and top edges of the bottle and around any contours where the yarn might slip.
  2. Attach one end of the yarn near the bottom edge of the bottle with a small piece of double-sided tape. Then, working from the bottom up, wrap the entire bottle with the yarn. Make your rows tight enough that you no longer see the plastic, but not so snug that the yarn is stretched thin.
  3. To switch to a different color, simply knot the new shade to the old and snip off any dangling threads. Once the entire bottle is covered, tie off the yarn at the neck.
  4. Draw facial features on the bowl of the spoon with paint, markers, or crayons. Decorate the rest of the doll any way you like. You might glue on yarn hair, tie on a pretty necklace, or add clothing, such as a doily skirt. Once you're finished, drop the handle of the spoon into the bottle. (If yours is top-heavy, put some dry lentils or rice in the bottom.)