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Instant Dressing Room | All Kids' Room Crafts

Instant Dressing Room

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

We tweaked the idea of Superman's phone booth to create a kid-size transformation station -- a place for kids to keep and play with their costumes, dress-ups, and play jewelry. Its many virtues include ease (you can make one in about half an hour) and portability (it's featherlight, so you can move it easily from one room to another).


  • 36- by 48-inch cardboard display board
  • Mirror
  • Foam mounting squares
  • Colored tape and stickers
  • 2 battery-operated touch lights
  • Sticker-adorned self-adhesive hooks
  • Berry baskets


Instant Dressing Room - Step 1

1. Start with a 36- by 48-inch cardboard display board (available at office or craft supply stores for about $5) and a mirror. After affixing the mirror to the center panel of the board with foam mounting squares, use colored tape and stickers to create a trompe l'oeil vanity.

2. Add a pair of battery-operated touch lights and a handful of sticker-adorned self-adhesive hooks for clothes and accessories. Berry baskets, attached with paper fasteners, hold brushes, ribbons, and other things of beauty.