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Hula-Hoop Christmas Wreath

Hula-Hoop Christmas Wreath

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Don't let that Hula-Hoop go to "waist" all winter! It makes a natural base for a green garland wreath that runs circles around the store-bought variety.


  • Hula-Hoop
  • At least 12 feet of weatherproof artificial holiday greenery garland
  • 22- or 24-gauge craft wire
  • Weatherproof bow
  • Weatherproof artificial berries (optional)


Hula-Hoop Wreath - Step 1

1. Simply wind the garland around the Hula-Hoop as shown (we used 12 feet of greenery for out 28-inch hoop), securing the garland with small pieces of craft wire as needed.

2. Add a holiday bow and berries, if you like, then hang it on a large window, door, or wall.