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Homemade Greetings Made Easy | Easy Crafts for Kids

Homemade Greetings Made Easy

Turn a piece of your kid's art into the featured design on your family's holiday card. All it takes is a customized rubber stamp, available through copy shops and stationers or office supply stores.


  • Child's drawing
  • Customized rubber stamp
  • Blank cards
  • Nontoxic ink pad


  1. The first step is to have your child create a holiday image, such as a reindeer or snowman, on scrap paper. Keep in mind that simple line drawings are easiest to convert into stamps. To add a stamped greeting to your cards, have him handwrite a message, such as "Merry Christmas" or "Thank You," as well.
  2. Take the drawings to a copy shop or stationer and have them reduced to fit the cards you plan to use, then made into rubber stamps. (This may take about five days and cost about $15.)
  3. Homemade Greetings Made Easy Step 3When the stamps are ready, set up a greeting card workshop with blank cards and envelopes and a nontoxic ink pad. (We also used a pencil eraser and red ink to stamp our reindeer's bright red nose.)