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Holiday Pillowcases

Holiday Pillowcases

Some of the best gift projects my boys and I have done over the years have involved trips to a copy shop: reproducing hand-painted note cards, creating calendars that feature a new painting each month, transferring handwritten messages onto dish towels. These pillowcases, which take advantage of your kids' favorite holiday artwork, can be made at a copy shop, too.


  • White pillowcase that is at least 50 percent cotton
  • Child's artwork on white paper


  1. Wash and dry the pillowcase.
  2. Find - or have your child create - a suitable piece of artwork on white paper, made with paint, crayon, or marker.
  3. Take the pillowcase and art to a copy shop and ask to have the image transferred onto the pillowcase. My copy shop charged me $14 for each transfer.