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Healthy and Handy Recipe

Healthy and Handy

The favorite contractor of preschoolers everywhere is taking his toolbox to prime time - 7 p.m. - on October 11. In "Handy Manny Big Construction Job," Manny and his hardware helpers leave town for a job, where they meet two new tools of the trade: a jackhammer and a power drill. Gear up your family for the show with this healthy snack, a frozen yogurt version of Stretch, the measuring tape.


  • Single-serving cup of yogurt (pink colors look best)
  • Red fruit leather
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Mini marshmallows


  1. For each pop, use a black ballpoint pen to make tape measure marks on the top two-thirds of a wooden craft spoon. Be careful to write only on the part of the stick that will be above the yogurt.
  2. Remove the foil cover from a single-serving cup of yogurt. Create Stretch's face on the yogurt with a small square of red fruit leather for his forehead, and two mini chocolate chips pressed into two mini marshmallows for eyes. Insert the wooden spoon into the yogurt below the eyes.
  3. Cover the yogurt cup with aluminum foil and let it freeze overnight. When you're ready to eat, slide the frozen yogurt out of the container. For a fancier presentation, wrap finished pops in waxed paper and set them on a plate.