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Hanukkah craft: Embossed Menorah

Embossed Menorah

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

These beautiful foil-wrapped candleholders are bound to be the shining star of your family's Hanukkah celebration.


  • Embossment foil
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • 10 glass votive holders (ours were 2-3/4 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter)
  • Sheet of craft foam
  • Toothpick
  • 9 tea light candles


  1. To make your own set, cut eight 3-1/2 - by 7-inch pieces and one 6- by 7-inch piece form the embossment foil. Use a pencil to emboss the Star of David onto the center of each small piece and the upper middle section of the larger piece. One at a time, lay foil pieces atop the craft foam and use the toothpick to poke a series of holes on both sides of the star and along the top edge, as shown.
  2. Wrap each small piece of foil around a glass holder, keeping the top of the foil flush with the rim, then pinch together and fold ends to secure them. Cut the bottom of the foil into a series of flaps and fold them against the bottom of the glass. To make the shammes, stack the last two holders and wrap them together in the remaining piece of foil. Place one tea light in each holder and arrange them on a table or mantel.