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Halloween Craft: General Bone E. Part

General Bone E. Part

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Made from plastic pipes and jugs, this bigger-than-life skeleton is easy to pose on a porch swing or step, where he can greet, and delight, trick-or-treaters. He's a snap to put together and take apart, for easy storing after the holiday.

Be sure to print out the template to refer while following the step-by-step instructions.



  • 2 (10-foot) lengths of 3/4-inch pipe
  • 4 (3/4-inch) crosses (slip style)
  • 8 (3/4-inch) 90-degree elbow fittings (slip style)
  • 1 (3/4-inch) tee connection (slip style)
  • 6 (3/4-inch) caps (slip style)
  • 2 (3/4-inch) 90-degree elbows (one end slip style and the other FPT/threaded)
  • 2 (3/4-inch) female adapters (straight, with one end slip style and the other FPT/threaded)
  • 4 (3/4-inch) clean-out plugs


  • Sheet of 320-grit wet/dry sandpaper
  • 1 PVC saw or hacksaw
  • 4 white milk jugs
  • Washable marker
  • Craft knife
  • 1 (200-ounce) white plastic detergent jug
  • White Con-Tact paper
  • Black adhesive craft foam
  • White duct tape


General Bone E. Part - Step 1

1. Lightly sand off any print on the PVC pipes with wet/dry sandpaper and some water. Then dry the pipes and cut them as shown in the template.

2. Fit the torso, arm, and leg pieces together as shown in the template.

General Bone E. Part - Step 3

3. For each of the skeleton's hands, have a family member place her hand on the flat side of one of the milk jugs with her wrist resting just above the spout. Trace around the fingers, elongating them and adding bulges around the knuckles. Cut out the tracing, including the spout. Wash off the marker lines. Use the same method to create a pair of feet.

4. Attach each hand by inserting a clean-out plug into the spout and then screwing it into the adapter at the end of the arm. Likewise, connect the feet, screwing the plugs into the elbows at the ends of the legs.

5. For the head, cover the printing on the detergent jug with Con-Tact paper (it may take 2 layers). Then cut out eye sockets and a nose from the adhesive craft foam and attach them to the handle side of the jug. Slide the head onto the neck and secure it with white duct tape.