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Halloween Costumes: Unique Grim Granny Costume

Unique Grim Granny Costume

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This easy-to-make optical illusion is so weirdly convincing, friends and family will be doing double takes all night long (is that one person or two?). If your child would rather be a baby on the back of a monster or a ghoul, simply substitute a long coat or oversize blazer for the dress and the appropriate over-the-head mask.


  • backpack
  • newspaper
  • T-shirt or black turtleneck (depending on neckline of dress)
  • tights or socks
  • loose-fitting, long-sleeved black dress (at least three sizes too big but not so long that your child could trip)
  • 1 sheer nylon stocking
  • fiberfill
  • over-the-head mask
  • tape
  • 2 googly eyes
  • 6 diaper pins
  • pair of black knee-highs
  • child's sleeper pajamas (size 12 to 18 months)
  • one pair of mittens
  • baby-style bonnet
  • shoes
  • cane
  • purse
  • pacifier (optional)


Grim Granny - Step 1

1. Create the old lady by stuffing the backpack with newspaper. Have your child put on the T-shirt or turtleneck, tights and stuffed backpack. Next, have her put the dress on over the backpack.

Grim Granny - Step 2

2. Make the mask by filling the nylon stocking with fiberfill, then putting it inside the mask to create a full head. Stick a loop of tape to the back of each googly eye and adhere it to the stuffed nylon in the mask through the eyeholes. Using two diaper pins, attach the knee-highs to the back of the mask and tie them loosely around your child's neck just below her chin.

Grim Granny - Step 3

3. Create the baby by stuffing the pajamas and mittens with fiberfill or newspaper. Pin the mittens to the pajama sleeves, then open the pajamas to the middle of the chest and snap around your child's neck. To loosen the fit around the neck, thread ribbon through both sides of the collar and tie the ends together. Pin the pajamas to the back of the dress.

Grim Granny - Step 4

4. Have your child complete the look with the bonnet, shoes, cane and purse. Pin the pacifier, through the ring, to one of the mittens.