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Halloween Costumes: Mummy Face Make-Up

Mummy Face Make-Up

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This ghoulish getup will have your kids tied up in knots!


  • Colored face paints
  • Makeup brush and sponge
  • Paintbrush
  • First-aid gauze


Mummy Face Make-Up - Step 1

1. Begin by applying a base coat of white face paint to your child's entire face. Then, with a damp sponge dipped in black face paint, lightly pat the white undercoat to create a dappled gray complexion.

Mummy Face Make-Up - Step 2

2. Using a paintbrush dipped in green face paint, outline his eyes and cover his lips. With a fingertip, dab on a few green bruises as well.

Mummy Face Make-Up - Step 3

3. Using a makeup brush, paint black scars on the nose, cheek and forehead. Add stitches around the mouth.

Mummy Face Make-Up - Step 4

4. Highlight the scars and bruises with red face paint.

5. Use a roll of gauze to wrap the look up -- mummy style. Roll the gauze around the crown of your child's head (but not too snugly) and then under his chin. Tuck the loose ends into the cap (rather than tying them together) to facilitate a quick removal. Lastly, embellish the gauze dressing with a couple of red face-paint blotches for good measure.