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Halloween Costumes: Funky Pharaoh Costume

Funky Pharaoh Costume

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Make history in your family with this instant classic -- no sewing necessary! Just cut a few yards of inexpensive white cotton into a royal robe. A bamboo pole, found at a garden center and wrapped with a fake snake, serves well as the pharaoh's staff.


  • Blue craft foam (one 12- by 18-inch sheet)
  • Stapler
  • 16 inches of wide gold wired ribbon
  • Fabric glue (we used Fabri-Tac)
  • Plastic jewels
  • 1 yard of gold lamé fabric
  • 2 yards of white cotton fabric
  • 6 yards of trim (we used ribbons, some with gold coins attached)


Funky Pharaoh - Step 1

1. THE HEADBAND Cut two 3-inch-wide strips lengthwise from the blue craft foam. Staple them together at one end, then fit it around your child's head so it overlaps a bit, staple the band closed, and trim the excess. To make the snake, knot the wired ribbon at each end. Glue on jewel eyes and a craft foam or paper tongue. Staple it to the band.

Funky Pharaoh - Step 2

2. THE COLLAR AND HEADDRESS For the collar, draw an oval neckhole inside a 20-inch circle on the gold lamé. To keep the fabric from fraying, spread glue over the lines, then let it dry before cutting it. Glue on some jewels.

3. Use the same gluing technique to cut a 20-inch circle for the headdress. Staple it inside the front center of the headband so that it drapes over the top of your child's head

Funky Pharaoh - Step 4

4. THE ROBE Fold the white fabric in half, then cut the neckhole and glue on the trim. For the sash, cut a rectangle out of the gold lamé and glue trim along one end. Slip it over a belt made from the remaining ribbon.