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Halloween Costumes: Fanged Fly Costume

Fanged Fly

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

This larger-than-life bloodsucking fly will be the buzz of your Halloween party. His bulging eyes are made from mirrors, available for $2 each at auto supply stores.


  • black pants, shirt, shoes, and gloves
  • 3-inch blind-spot mirrors (self-adhesive)
  • black fleece winter headband
  • green hair gel
  • plastic fangs
  • fake blood
  • 9-gauge aluminum wire
  • duct-tape
  • dark panty hose
  • pipe cleaner
  • ribbon


Fanged Fly - Step 1

1. 'Begin by creating the wire wings. Start with a coiled roll of 9-gauge aluminum wire (available at hardware stores). Cut a 13-foot length and bend it in half. Twist a small loop at the bend (use pliers, if necessary).

Fanged Fly - Step 2

2. About 8 inches up from the loop, form a large wing shape with 52 inches of wire. Repeat on the other side. Close the wings with a twist as shown. (Note: the wing can be bent into different shapes -- make them pointed for the fly).

Fanged Fly - Step 3

3. Form a triangle, about 5 by 8 by 8 inches, above the loop from step 1. Twist and trim the ends so they do not protrude from the triangle; duct-tape them, if necessary.

Fanged Fly - Step 4

4. Cut the legs off a pair of dark, queen-size panty hose. Stretch one leg over one wing, secure with a pipe cleaner, and stretch the excess over the triangle. Repeat on the other side.

Fanged Fly - Step 5

5. Tie the middle of a 7-foot piece of ribbon to the bottom of the triangle. Thread the ribbon around the triangle so the wings can be worn like a backpack.

Fanged Fly - Step 6

6. Have your child dress in black -- putting on the pants, shirt, shoes, and gloves.

7. Next, attach the self-adhesive mirrors to the headband. Help him spike his hair with green gel, if desired.

8. Slip in some party store fangs with drops of fake blood.

9. Finally, put on the dark wings.


If I had wings, I could also be a... beautiful butterfly, flying pig, lucky ladybug, Pegasus, black bat, or Tinkerbell.