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Halloween Costumes: Cyber Power Princess Costume

Cyber Power Princess

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

This dazzling dynamo doesn't have to worry about messing up her outfit as she soars through cyberspace and saves the world - her skirt and accessories are practically indestructible. You can make them in a flash using duct tape and Mylar tissue.


  • Silver-gray duct tape
  • Silver metallic Mylar tissue (six 18- by 30-inch sheets)
  • Adhesive-backed Velcro
  • Double-sided tape
  • Plastic jewels
  • Bright-colored leotard and tights
  • Colored wig


1. THE SKIRT To make a waistband, measure and cut a piece of duct tape, fold its ends under and press them to your work surface to hold it taut. Fold a sheet of Mylar in half, make gathers, and press it onto the bottom half of the tape. Repeat with 2 more sheets to cover the length of tape.

2. Lift the tape from the work surface and fold it over lengthwise to conceal the tissues' top edges. Fit the skirt to your child's waist and add Velcro closures.

Cyber Power Princess 3

3. THE ACCESSORIES Tape a sheet of Mylar tissue to your work surface, then cover it with overlapping strips of duct tape to make it sturdier.

Cyber Power Princess 4

4. Cut the sheet to make the collar, headband, belt, and 2 wristbands. Fit the headband, wristbands, and belt on your child, then trim any excess.

Cyber Power Princess 5

5. Affix Velcro closures.

Cyber Power Princess

6. Cut shapes from the leftover tape-backed tissue and stack them using double-sided tape. Tape on more jewels and tissue ruffles as desired and tape the decorations to the shoes, belt, and collar.