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Ginormous Lollipop | Valentine's Day Candy Crafts

Ginormous Lollipop

This bit of treat trickery starts with a photo shoot.


  • PVC pipe
  • postcard or white paper
  • hole punch
  • lollipop
  • tape
  • glue stick
  • card stock
  • decorative-edge scissors (an adult's job)


  1. Have your child hold a length of 2- to 3-inch-wide (depending on the type of lollipop) PVC pipe that's almost as tall as she is. She should stand against a solid background, if possible; all-white saves on printer ink.
  2. Print the photo onto postcard paper (we found sheets of four postcards to a page at Staples) or white paper.
  3. Punch a hole at the top of the PVC pipe, then insert a lollipop. To hold it in place, tape the lollipop stick to the back of the image.
  4. Use a glue stick to mount the card onto a larger piece of card stock that's been cut with decorative-edge scissors.