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Gift-wrapped Kids | Christmas Card Crafts for Kids

Gift-wrapped Kids
Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Between the doodles and the "gift boxes," this card, from the Bagnoli family of Berea, Kentucky, offers plenty of room for kid participation.


  • Camera and color print film
  • Developing service
  • Gift-wrapped boxes
  • Copy services
  • Rubber cement


  1. Have your child decorate big boxes with shiny gift wrap. Pose them for an outdoor photo and order 100 prints.
  2. Have your child create doodles for the border of the card, which you then glue to a master template.
  3. Make copies of the card template at a print shop, then glue the pictures to the cards using rubber cement.


Glue the photo to your template before copying. Your card won't look quite as elegant, but you won't have to glue copies of the photo to each card.