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Fur-ocious Wreath | Halloween Decorations

Fur-ocious Wreath

This fluffy wreath will keep a vigilant eye out for your guests.


  • 16-inch Styrofoam floral wreath form (ours is 2 inches thick and 2 1/2 inches wide)
  • 1 yard faux-fur fabric
  • black marker
  • ruler
  • 10 Ping-Pong balls
  • duct tape
  • ball-head pins, 1 inch or longer
  • fishing line and screw for hanging


Fur-ocious Wreath Step 1

1. Lay the wreath form in the center of the fabric, fur-side down. With the marker, draw rings about one inch away from the inner and outer edges of the form. Remove the form, draw another circle 5 inches out from the outer ring, and cut out that circle. Draw and cut the inner circle and outer ring into tabs, as shown.

Fur-ocious Wreath Step 2

2. For the eyes, cut ten slits in the fur, each slightly longer than 1 inch, scattered evenly across the solid ring. Draw black pupils on the Ping-Pong balls. Insert the balls into the slits from the back of the fabric so that they stick halfway through, as shown. Secure them with duct tape.

3. Place the wreath form back onto the fabric, and pin the outer and inner tabs to the form. (To keep the wreath centered, first pin a tab and one directly across from it, then pin the others.) For hanging, tie a loop of fishing line to the head of a screw and insert the screw into the back of the wreath.