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Funny Frog (Let's Make Cards)

Funny Frog

Our simple pop-up technique lets even the littlest tadpoles create a toadally awesome, surprise-inside card.


  • Green card stock
  • White card stock
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Frog and fly template


Funny Frog step 1

1. Make the frog by folding a 5-inch-square piece of green card stock in half. Cut a slit into the crease as shown, then fold over the resulting top and bottom flaps to form triangles. Fold the flaps back and forth several times to crease them well, then open the card stock and push the triangles out to form a mouth.

2. Draw a frog shape around the mouth (you can download our frog and fly templates) and cut it out. Glue on white card stock eyes and draw on pupils.

3. Form the base of the card by folding a 4- by 11-inch piece of card stock in half. (We glued a slightly smaller rectangle on top for decoration.) Use a glue stick to adhere the frog inside the fold, lining up the center creases and making sure you don't glue the pop-out mouth to the card.

Funny Frog step 4
4. Glue an accordion-folded paper tongue inside the mouth (ours is 3½ inches long). Add a message and draw a fly on the front, if you like. Close the card with the mouth bent outward and the tongue folded up.


More greetings:

  • Have you heard the buzz?
  • It's your special day!
  • Hope you have a …
  • Hoppy Mother's/Father's Day!
  • Didn't want to … frog-get to say thanks.