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Funny Bones

Funny Bones

Bleached white bones never tasted so delicious. This recipe originally appeared in Ghoulish Goodies, by Sharon Bowers.


  • half package (7 ounces) white meltable candy wafers
  • 36 pretzel sticks and thin rods of various lengths
  • 72 mini marshmallows (about 1 cup)


  1. Follow the instructions on the candy wafers package to melt the candy in a wide bowl. For each bone, press marshmallows onto both ends of a pretzel stick or rod, with the marshmallows' flat sides parallel to the pretzel.
  2. Dip each pretzel into the melted candy to coat it. Lift it out with a fork, letting the excess drip back into the bowl. Place the bone onto a sheet of waxed paper to set at room temperature.