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Friendship Pal | Homemade Doll Crafts

Friendship Pal

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

These little dolls are a new twist on a summer classic, the friendship bracelet.


  • Embroidery floss
  • Scissors
  • Safety pin
  • Two-hole button
  • Permanent marker


  1. Cut 8 pieces of floss, each about 12 inches long. Hold all the strands together, and tie a knot roughly 5 inches from one end (the extra will become hair). Stick the safety pin through the knot, and pin it onto pants or a backpack. This will make the knotting easier.
  2. To make the left leg, separate the two strands of pair A and loop one around the other.Continue, but don't alternate sides; simply knot one strand around the other until the leg is about three quarters of an inch long. Tie off the ends and trim. Repeat for the right leg and both arms.
  3. Separate out two strands on each side for arms. Divide the remaining four strands into two groups (call them pair A and pair B), which will be knotted to each other to form the body, then knotted individually to form the two legs. Begin by holding pair A straight and taut. Loop pair B over pair A, then send it back up through the loop, as shown in figure A. Pull the knot up to the top and tighten. For the next knot alternate the strands, holding pair B straight and taut and sending pair A over a
  4. Attach the button head by running another piece of floss through the buttonholes and knotting it in place above the body. Make a hairdo for your pal from the loose ends and draw a face on the button with a permanent marker.


Kids can make a bunch for their friends and themselves, then pin them to shirts, use them for zipper pulls or dangle them from their backpacks.