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Foosball Fun Cake Recipe

Foosball Fun Cake Recipe

Sports enthusiasts will get a kick out of this cake from Sharon Lockwood of Oak Park, California, who served it at a foosball tournament hosted by her son, Kyle, when he was age ten. For the players, you can use either teddy grahams adorned with icing sports shirts, as Sharon did, or, to save time, colorful Gummy Bears, as shown here.


  • 10- by 15-inch cake (use 2 boxes of cake mix and bake for 35 minutes at 350 degrees)
  • 2 16-ounce tubs of white frosting
  • Sour Punch Straws or gummy sour worms (2 different colors)
  • 4 Pirouette cookies
  • Wooden toothpicks
  • Gummy Bears (13 each in 2 different colors)
  • 2 black licorice sticks
  • Black string licorice
  • M&M's Minis
  • Foil-wrapped chocolate ball


Foosball Fun Cake - Step 1

1. Spread one tub of frosting on the cake to seal in any crumbs. Chill the cake for 15 minutes, then spread on the second tub of frosting, creating as smooth a coating as possible.

2. Cut the Sour Punch Straws or gummy sour worms into short lengths (for ease in slicing the cake later) and use them to create 4 foosball rods for each team, spaced about 1 1/2 inches apart, as shown on the cake here.

3. For the rod handles, carefully cut eight 1 1/2-inch lengths from the Pirouette cookies. Use toothpicks inserted into the centers to attach the handles to the sides of the cake, as shown (just be sure to remove the toothpicks later when you serve the cake).

4. Position the Gummy Bears along the rods as shown.

5. For each goalpost frame, lightly score a licorice stick 1 1/2 inches in from both ends. Then bend the ends and insert them halfway into the cake. Now use a couple of 3-inch lengths of string licorice to define each net by inserting the lower ends into the cake about 1/2 inch behind the post and then tucking the opposite ends under the top of the crossbar.

5. Use M&M's Minis to outline the starting circle and goal lines and to add a decorative border around the sides of the cake. Finally, place the foil-wrapped chocolate ball on the field between the center rods.