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Fleece-Weave Scarves | Homemade Scarves

Fleece-Weave Scarves

This project will give its recipient a warm hug around the neck whenever she wears it. To cut down on costs, stock up on fleece fabric when it's on sale, or ask your guests to bring a yard or two of a specific color (so you don't end up with, say, ten yards of red). Guests can also bring sharp scissors.


  • fleece fabric in solid colors
  • fabric scissors
  • tailor's chalk
  • fabric glue


1. Cut a long, rectangular scarf from the fleece, about 5 feet by 7 inches.

Fleece-Weave Scarves

2. Use the chalk to mark a grid on the scarf (the scarf above has three columns of half-inch vertical slits spaced about two inches apart; the scarf at right has four columns).

3. Cut open the slits.

4. Cut narrow strips of fleece, about 1 1/2 inches wide and a few inches longer than your scarf. If the fleece isn't long enough, overlap the ends of two strips and secure them with fabric glue; let the glue dry a bit before proceeding.

5. Weave the strips into the slits of the scarf. Tack the ends of the strips to the scarf with glue.


INVITE DIY: Leave the strip ends unglued and add a note with your gift explaining that the strips can be rewoven to create new patterns. Include several extra strips in various colors.

FRINGE FEST: Instead of gluing the strip ends to the scarf, cut the ends of the strips and the scarf into fringe.