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First-Aid Kit and a Donation

First-Aid Kit and a Donation

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Margaret Connor of West Lake Hills, Texas, sent us this truly giving idea. Her three kids each chose a charity, to which donations were made in their teachers' names. First-aid kits were a clever way to deliver this news. The teachers, reports Margaret, "appreciated the charitable donations and the usefulness of a first-aid kit."


  • Pencil
  • Metal candy tin
  • Two 4- by 6-inch index cards
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • A few basic first-aid supplies


1. Using a pencil, trace a metal candy tin onto the plain side of two 4- by 6-inch index cards.

2. Trim the cards just inside the lines to make them a little smaller than the box.

3. Decorate one of these for the cover, then write a message about your charitable donation on the other.

First-Aid Kit and a Donation

4. Use double-sided tape to attach the cards to the box's lid as shown. Fill it with a few basic first-aid supplies.