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Family Card Tree | Christmas Card Display Ideas

Family Card Tree

Deck your hall with boughs of cardboard. This wintry tree with plenty of branches is instant art for a door or wall - and a fun way to show off cards. Kids can get creative designing the tree's shape and clipping each day's new arrivals to the branches. A bird cut from paper or felt makes a nice finishing touch.


  • 36- by 48-inch presentation board (available at craft and office-supply stores) or a painted piece of cardboard from a flattened box
  • Pencil
  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Spiral paper clips
  • Removable foam tape (we used Scotch 1-Inch Removable Mounting Squares)


  1. Lay the presentation board flat and facedown on a protected surface. Use the pencil to draw a tree with several branches on each side of the trunk.
  2. Cut out the tree. Slip paper clips over the branches and along the trunk at regular intervals.
  3. Affix several foam-tape squares to the back of the trunk and branches, then press the tree firmly to a wall or door.