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Eerie Eyeballs Recipe

Eerie Eyeballs Recipe

These edible peepers may be a frightful sight, but here's the good news: made with three kinds of dried fruit, they're naturally sweet and nutritious.


  • Apple rings (1 per eye)
  • Dried Apricots (1/2 per eye)
  • Raisins (1/2 per eye)


  1. For each pair of eyes, gently flatten two dried apple rings with the palm of your hand.
  2. Carefully slice a dried apricot through the middle so that you end up with two circular halves. Press a half, sticky side down, onto the center of an apple ring, covering the hole.
  3. For pupils, use kitchen scissors to cut a raisin in two, and press the halves, sticky side down, onto the apricots.