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Edible Christmas Decorations: Lake Lollipop

Lake Lollipop

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

The perfect end to a day on Gumdrop Mountain? A peaceful ski around the lake, then back to the lodge for dessert and dreams of another visit.


  • Cardboard and scissors
  • Aluminum foil
  • Masking tape
  • Sugar ice-cream cones
  • Royal icing
  • Green sugar
  • Striped candy stick
  • 2 gummy Life Savers candies
  • Jelly ring
  • Small yellow gumdrop


  1. For the lake, cut the cardboard into an irregular oval (a parent's job). Wrap the foil, shiny side up, around the oval. Tape the foil edges in place on the underside.
  2. For each tree, use a butter knife or your fingers to coat a sugar cone with a thin layer of icing. Roll the cone in a dish of green sugar.
  3. To make a lamppost, push a candy stick down through a gummy Life Saver and into the jelly ring. Push another gummy Life Saver onto the other end of the lamppost and glue a gumdrop on top with icing.