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Easter Craft: Carrot Tree

Easter Craft: Carrot Tree

Total Time Needed: Afternoon Or Evening

Lure the Easter Bunny to your house with this mini indoor tree bearing his favorite snack.


  • Several 12-inch orange bumpy pipe cleaners
  • Several 4-inch lengths of green embroidery floss
  • Newspaper
  • Bare tree branch
  • Small flowerpot
  • Decorative stones or glass beads


Carrot Tree - Step 1

1. To make one, first cut several 12-inch orange bumpy pipe cleaners into quarters to create four 3-inch pieces, each with a wider part at its center (see photo).

Carrot Tree - Step 2

2. Form each piece into a carrot by folding over about ½ inch at one end and tying on several 4-inch lengths of green embroidery floss at the bend. Trim the floss, if necessary.

Carrot Tree - Step 3

3. Slip a loop of floss or string under the folded end for a hanger, then fold up the bottom tip of the pipe cleaner as well.

4. Next, use balled-up newspaper to support a bare branch (ours was about 10 inches tall) set upright in a small flowerpot. Add a layer of decorative stones or glass beads, then hang the pipe cleaner carrots on the branch.