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Delicious Decorations

Delicious Decorations

Need a healthy appetizer for a class party or a holiday gathering? Trim a platter with these good-for-you edible ornaments.


  • Low-fat cream cheese
  • Water crackers
  • Colorful veggies (such as peas, diced peppers, carrot slices and broccoli stems)


  1. Spread low-fat cream cheese on water crackers, then top each with colorful veggies, such as peas, diced peppers, carrot slices, and broccoli stems.


Where to Find It: A glass trifle or footed bowl like the one pictured in the magazine can be purchased at a cooking supply store or a large retailer, such as Target, for around $20.

Baker's Tip: Save the egg whites for omelets, meringues, and other dishes: refrigerate them (up to four days) or freeze them (up to 12 months).