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Decorated Drawer Knobs | Clay Crafts

Decorated Drawer Knobs

Total Time Needed: 2-3 Hours

Not only will these handmade knobs spruce up your child's dresser, but there's also a chance (okay, a long shot) that, because the knobs are fun to use, your child may actually close his drawers once he's grabbed the clothes he needs.


  • Polymer clay, such as Sculpey III or Fimo
  • Round wooden screw-on dresser knobs
  • Small, heat-resistant trinkets or beads
  • Permanent colored markers


  1. Knead the clay until it is malleable, then flatten pieces of it into 5/8-inch-thick "pancakes."
  2. Wrap the pancakes around the knobs, firmly pressing the clay to the wood to make it stick.
  3. Now you can embed decorative items into the clay on the front of the knob. Or, to make a baseball like the one shown here, use the end of a toothpick to create two curving rows of indents for "stitches."
  4. Bake the decorated knobs according to the clay manufacturer's directions. Once they're cool, the knobs are ready to attach to your child's dresser. (To finish the baseball, simply fill in the indents with permanent red marker or acrylic paint.)