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Creepy Crawlers | Halloween Decorations

Creepy Crawlers

Just like the real McCoy, these metallic spiders make an eerie appearance dangling from the ceiling or crawling across a table top.


  • Wire cutters
  • Lead-free solid soldering wire
  • Copper or steel pot scrubber
  • Elastic thread


Creepy Crawlers - Step 1

1. Use wire cutters or a strong pair of scissors to cut the lead-free solid soldering wire (sold in most hardware stores) into four 15-inch lengths (a parent's job).

2. Twist one end of a copper or steel pot scrubber to form a spider's head and wrap the center portion of each wire just under the head to create four legs on each side of the body.

3. Bend the midpoints and tips of the legs. To turn your creation into a hanging spider, simply tie a long piece of elastic thread to the scrubber.


Use a metal measuring spoon for the spider's body, bending the spoon handle under with pliers to shorten the head.