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Corn on the Cobcake Recipe

Corn on the Cobcake

Ears a corny treat that'll sweeten up any summer cookout. It's just one of the clever creations in the new book "Hello, Cupcake!" from cake-decorating virtuoso and FamilyFun food stylist Karen Tack.


  • White and yellow jelly beans (we used Jelly Belly brand)
  • White-frosted cupcakes
  • White decorating sugar
  • Yellow Starburst candies
  • Corn holders
  • Corn plates


  1. For each ear, press rows of jelly bean kernels onto three frosted cupcakes. Line up the cupcakes and sprinkle decorating sugar across the tops.
  2. To make a candy butter pat, microwave a Starburst for about eight seconds, stretch it into a melted-butter shape, then set it on top of the center cupcake.
  3. Add a corn holder to each end of the cob, and serve on a corn plate.