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Cloth Collage

Cloth Collage

Play with color, texture, and pattern to make a piece of art out of scraps of fabric, no sewing required.


  • unfinished wood frame
  • fabric for frame
  • stapler that can be flipped open
  • fabric scraps
  • yarn scraps
  • tacky glue


  1. First, make your canvas. Remove and discard the glass from the unfinished wood frame, then replace the back panel.
  2. Cut a rectangle of fabric that's 3 inches wider and longer than your frame. (We cut an 8- by 10-inch rectangle for a 5- by 7-inch frame.)
  3. Working with both the fabric and the frame facedown, center the frame on the fabric. Starting at the center of a long edge, wrap the fabric over the frame and staple it in place.
  4. Stretch the fabric tight, then staple it at the point directly across from the first staple. Do the same with the other two sides.
  5. Continue stretching and stapling the sides until you reach the corners. Fold the fabric to get a clean corner, and staple it in place.
  6. Flip the frame right side up. Use scraps of fabric and yarn to create an image on the canvas. When your picture is how you like it, use tacky glue to secure the pieces.


Add a polished look to your art by embroidering final details, such as eyebrows and whiskers, with a needle and floss. (Wait for the glue to dry, first.)