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Christmas Gifts: Jingle Bell Bracelets

Jingle Bell Bracelets

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Take one plastic-covered card table, add a good-natured teen (well-compensated, of course), and throw in a healthy supply of colored beads, jingle bells, and pipe cleaners in a variety of colors and textures. That's our recipe for a foolproof kids craft station - and for some great-looking wrist and ankle bracelets your young guests will love to make and wear.


  • Pipe cleaner, wrist or ankle size
  • Bells
  • Beads


Jingle Bell Bracelets - Step 1

1. To create a basic bracelet, just thread beads and bells on a wrist- or ankle-size pipe cleaner (we used the bumpy type here), then form it into a circle; make a clasp by looping together the ends of the pipe cleaner.

Jingle Bell Bracelets - Step 2

2. For a fancier look, form a single pipe cleaner into a circle, thread on 4 or 5 bells, then coil additional pipe cleaners around the first, between each bell.

Jingle Bell Bracelets - Step 3

3. For our deluxe version, start with a bumpy pipe cleaner, threading 1 bell onto each "bump"; form a single pipe cleaner into a circle, then twist the bumpy pipe cleaner around it so that each bell faces outward.