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Christmas Garland: Angel Garland

Angel Garland

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Strung together with fancy ribbon, this order of lacy angels looks heavenly draped from a tree bough, on a mantel or around a banister.


  • Lacy white fabric or tulle
  • Cotton balls
  • Both white and yellow yarn
  • Yellow felt
  • White ribbon or cording
  • Glitter glue, optional
  • Beads or charms, optional


Angel Garland

1. To make each angel, place a cotton ball in the center of an 11-inch square of white fabric. Gather the fabric around the cotton ball and tie it with white string or yarn to form a head and gown. Trim the ends of the string close to the knot.

2. Next, cut a 12-inch piece of yellow string or yarn for a belt and tie it around the angel's gown (be sure to leave sleeve openings large enough to thread ribbon through).

3. Loop and tie another piece of yellow string (or gold thread) into a halo and glue it to the back of the angel's head.

4. Use the same method to make five more angels. Then thread a 5-foot length of white ribbon or cording through the sleeves of each angel. For an extra festive touch, string beads or charms between the angels.

5. Finally, cut out a pair of yellow felt wings for each angel. Glue the wings (paint them with glitter glue, if desired) to the backs of the angels, and the garland is ready to hang.