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Choo-Choo Train Christmas Cookies

Choo-Choo Train Christmas Cookies

After making and decorating the cars of the train, hitch them together with a string of licorice. The foundation of this recipe is the versatile dough that can be customized to create chocolate, colored, striped, or marbleized cookies.


  • 2- by 3-1/2-inch rectangular cardboard pattern
  • Colored or plain cookie dough
  • Frosting
  • Life Savers candy
  • Shoestring licorice
  • Edible passengers, such as gingerbread men or gummy animals
  • Edible cargo, such as pretzel "logs"


  1. Place the pattern on top of the rolled-out cookie dough. With the point of a sharp knife, cut out the train cars. When cutting out the dough for the engine, add a cab (1-3/4 inches wide and 1-3/4 inches high) to the back half of one of the rectangles. Bake the train cars as directed.
  2. Using frosting, attach Life Savers candy for wheels to the bottoms of the cars. Connect the trains with pieces of shoestring licorice (held together with dabs of frosting). If desired, add gingerbread men or gummy animals as passengers to the train as well as pretzel logs and other cargo.


Instead of rolling out your dough on a floured surface, roll it out between waxed paper. The cookies will stay moist because extra flour is not incorporated during the rolling process.