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Bulletin Bar | Recycled Crafts

Bulletin Bar

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

This Bulletin Bar keeps bulletin board overlap at bay while doubling as a recycling project: It uses up all those corks you've been saving for no particular reason. (If you find yourself in craft stores more than wine shops, you can also buy corks in bulk.)


  • 45 corks (per yard)
  • A yardstick
  • Uhu brand "natural materials" glue or hot glue


  1. To make one, simply glue the corks side by side onto a yardstick or similar strip of wood. Uhu brand "natural materials" glue works well, as does hot glue, and you'll need about 45 corks per yard. Do not glue the first and last cork on either end of the yardstick--that's where you'll fasten the bar to the wall.
  2. Let the glue dry, then screw or nail the board to the wall. Glue the last cork on each end after you've screwed your board in place on the wall.