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Broomstick Bags | Halloween Party Ideas

Broomstick Bags

Your guests will fly home happy with these favors made from lunch bags.


  • brown paper lunch bag
  • party favors
  • 12- to 18-inch long stick or dowel
  • raffia
  • black spider ring


  1. For each broom, use pinking shears or regular scissors to trim the top few inches from a brown paper lunch bag. Fill the bag about halfway with party favors.
  2. Place a 12- to 18-inch-long stick or dowel into the bag and use a piece of raffia to cinch the bag around the stick, about two inches down from the bag's top.
  3. Trim a handful of raffia strands so that they're as long as the bag is high. Use another length of raffia to tie the strands to the bag, then spread them out to cover the bag evenly. Thread a black spider ring onto the tied raffia.