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Bowling Boys

Bowling Boys

A set of scowling knock-'em-down cuties is just the thing for any little bowlers you might know - but feel free to sweeten up the boys with flowery ribbon and apple-cheeked smiles for a more sugar-and-spice approach.


  • Grosgrain ribbon
  • 10 wooden "boy" game pieces
  • Double-sided carpet tape
  • Ultra-fine permanent marker
  • Small rubber ball
  • Small plastic bag
  • Paper


  1. For each bowling boy, wrap the ribbon around the body and trim it to fit. Trim a length of tape to the same size as the ribbon, then use it to secure the ribbon to the game piece. Repeat with the remaining game pieces.
  2. With the marker, draw a face and hair on each piece. Package the boys with the ball in the small plastic bag. Staple on a paper tag with instructions to set the pieces on a tabletop, then use the ball to bowl them over.