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Advent Calendar Christmas Cookies

Advent Calendar Christmas Cookies

Count down the days until Christmas one cookie at a time. If you have more than one child, you might want to fill each bag with extra cookies.


  • 25 (3- to 4-inch baked cookies)
  • Tubes of frosting
  • 25 sandwich-size plastic bags
  • Ribbbon or raffia
  • 20- by 30-inch dish towel
  • 25-inch-long dowel
  • 30 safety pins


  1. Pipe with frosting the numbers 1 to 25 on the cookies. Place each cookie in a plastic bag and tie with a ribbon. Place the towel, front-side down, on your work surface with the dowel across the top of the towel. Fold the top edge over the dowel and secure with safety pins. Arrange the cookies on the front of the towel, evenly spaced, then pin in place. For a handle, tie a long piece of ribbon to each end of the dowel and hang within easy reach of the countdown team.


Instead of rolling out your dough on a floured surface, roll it out between waxed paper. The cookies will stay moist because extra flour is not incorporated during the rolling process.