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A Week's Wardrobe at a Glance | Easy Crafts for Kids

A Week's Wardrobe at a Glance

Total Time Needed: 1-2 Hours

Do your kids spend an eternity deciding what to wear each morning? These felt clothes organizers, which let you and your child select a week's wardrobe in advance, may be just the ticket. So says reader and mother of six Karen Potts of Kirkland, Washington, who sent us the idea.


  • Different-colored pieces of felt
  • Scissors


  1. Designate a different colored piece of felt for each day of the week (we used 18- by 12-inch sheets of Eazy Felt), cut off the top corners, and label the day with cutout felt letters (you can also use puffy fabric paint).
  2. Cut a 1-inch-diameter hole in the top center of the felt and a 2- by 2-inch X on each side of the felt near the bottom.
  3. With your child, select the week's clothes and dress a hanger with shirt, pants, or skirt for each day. Poke a pair of socks and underwear through the sign's two X's, then hang the sign over the clothes by hooking the hanger neck through the top hole.