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A Kitchen That Works for Kids | Kitchen & Bath Organizing

A Kitchen That Works for Kids

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Many hands lighten the load - and to enlist the maximum number of hands, you'll want to make your kitchen accessible to even the smallest members of the family. Here's how.


  • Three Ring Binder
  • Empty tissue box
  • Plastic Bins


  1. Store takeout menus and the latest pizza coupons in a three-ring binder fitted with plastic sleeves. New Englanders who enjoy subs might call this their Grinder Finder Binder
  2. Store plastic produce bags in an empty tissue box.
  3. Buy plastic bins in a variety of colors and assign one to each family member. Anything cluttering up valuable space (counter, table, or floor) gets whisked into the appropriate bin for disposal or redirection by its owner at some later date.