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A Cup for Kwanzaa | Easy Crafts for Kids

A Cup for Kwanzaa

Kwanzaa celebrations held during the seven-day festival often include a Kikombe cha Umoja (pronounced kee-KOHM-bay cha oo-MOH-jah), or Unity Cup, which is filled with water or juice and shared among everyone at the table, representing family and community unity.


  • Oven-safe mug
  • Heat-setting paints (we recommend Pebeo Porcelaine 150, which comes in bottles or markers) in shades of red, green, or black, the traditional colors of Kwanzaa
  • Newspaper


  1. Cover your work area with newspaper, then invite your child to lend a hand coloring the cup with a fun design. You can also help him add simple yellow-dot ears of corn, a Kwanzaa symbol representing the children and future of the family, as we did with some of ours.
  2. When his design is finished, allow the cup to dry for 24 hours, then heat-set it according to the package directions.