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Valentine's Day Craft: Bighearted Hello

Bighearted Hello

Inspired by the movie "Monsters, Inc. "and a package of oversize googly eyes, 6-year-old Luke Fleener of Houston, Texas, created this bighearted cyclops with an in-sight-ful inscription: "I've got my eye on you!"


  • Scissors
  • Red card stock
  • Hole punch
  • Heavy red yarn (we used chenille)
  • Tacky glue
  • 40-millimeter googly eyes
  • Markers
  • White paper or card stock


Cut 1 large heart and 4 smaller ones (ours were 5 1/2 inches and 1 1/4 inches across) from the red card stock. Or use our template.

Punch 4 holes in the large heart and 1 in each of the smaller hearts.

Cut two 12-inch lengths of yarn, then thread each piece in through an armhole and out through a leg hole. Tie on the hands and feet.

Glue on the googly eye, then draw on eyelashes and a smile.

Write your message on a small piece of the white paper, then glue it to one of the hands.

Suggested messages:

I've got my eye on you!

We see eye to eye

Eye'm glad you're my friend