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Slippery Snake Cake Recipe

Slippery Snake Cake Recipe

This sleek-looking snake is easy to assemble and decorate - and it's just right for five-year-old members of the Gross Club.


  • 2 baked ring or Bundt cakes
  • 5 cups green frosting
  • 2 blue gum balls
  • Red Fruit by the Foot, cut into the shape of a snake's tongue
  • Yellow round candies, such as M&M's, Necco wafers or nonpareil mints


Cut the rings in half and arrange them in a slithery pattern, frosting them together.

Carve a little cake off the sides of the nose, then frost the entire snake.

Add the gum ball eyes and the Fruit by the Foot tongue. Decorate the rest of the body with yellow candy spots.