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Park and Play Garage | Recycled Crafts

Park and Play Garage

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Need more toy car parking? Turn two cereal boxes into a garage, with ramps that allow for speedy exits.


  • 2 large cereal boxes
  • Scissors
  • Tacky glue
  • 5 cardboard tubes
  • Yellow paper
  • Large book
  • Gray paper


Park and Play Garage - Step 1

Cut the front panel from a large cereal box, keeping the panel intact. Secure any loose box tabs with tacky glue. For the entrance and exit, cut 2-inch-wide flaps on both ends, as shown.

Trim the cardboard tubes so that they're about 4 inches tall. Cover them with tacky glue and roll on a covering of yellow paper. Glue the tubes to the corners and center of the front panel you cut out earlier. Run glue along the edges of the tubes, then place the rest of the box on top to make the garage's second level. Put a large book in the box to hold it in place as the glue dries.

Use tacky glue to cover the sides of the second level with gray paper and to add yellow paper parking-space guides.

Park and Play Garage - Step 4

Cut four 2- by 8-inch strips from a second cereal box. Spread glue on the strips and sandwich each end flap between two of them, as shown. Let the glue dry before driving your cars into their new home.