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Non Staining Glass | Playspace Crafts

Non Staining Glass

A ho-hum view can become Technicolor splendor with a mosaic of colorful tissue paper. If you grow tired of all the color, the plastic-backed artwork can be effortlessly removed.


  • plastic wrap
  • painter's tape
  • glue stick
  • tissue paper


Non-Staining Glass Step 1First, smooth plastic wrap onto your window to protect it. If your window is wider than the wrap, overlap the edges of the pieces used. Use painter's tape to secure the edges of the wrap to the window frame.

To add the color, coat a small area of the wrap -- about 6 inches square -- with a glue stick, then cover it with torn pieces of tissue paper. Glue on more pieces to overlap the first layer. Repeat the process to cover the entire area. *


To keep the tissue paper firmly in place, be generous with the glue. We ambitiously covered two 20- by 32-inch panes, which required five glue sticks.