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Jet-Black Cats Craft

Jet-Black Cats Craft

Total Time Needed:1 Hour

Set on a table or doorstep, these bushy-tailed cats give a hair-raising greeting to Halloween callers.


Black poster board

Yellow craft paper


Pinking shears



First, cut an 11- by 6-inch rectangle out of the poster board. Fold it in half so that the shorter edges meet and make a crease. Using the crease for the cat's backbone, cut out a four-legged body. Trim the bottom of each foot with pinking shears to create toes.

Using the pinking shears, cut a bushy, upright tail out of some of the remaining poster board. With the scissors, make a small vertical snip in the backbone of the cat cutout - just above the hind legs -- and fit the base of the tail into it.

For the cat's head, use a 6- by 3 1/2-inch rectangle. Match up the short ends and make a sharp crease in the center. Unfold the rectangle and lay it flat so that the short ends are at the top and bottom. To form ear tabs, first take a pencil and mark both sides of the rectangle 2 1/2 inches up from the bottom. Make a diagonal cut from each mark up to the crease.

Refold the rectangle and push up the triangular tabs to create the cat's ears. With the scissors, shape the cat's chin and neck. Then, glue on a black poster-board nose and whiskers. Add yellow craft-paper eyes.

To attach the cat's head to the body, make another cut in the top of the back -- this time above the front legs -- and fit the lower edge of the neck into it.