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Homemade School Supplies: Changeable Carryall Tins

Changeable Carryall Tins

Total Time Needed: 1 Hour

Need a handy place to stash lunch money, notes, or other small but important items? These personalized, changeable tins are just the thing.


  • Small, empty metal box, such as the kind Altoids mints come in
  • Paper
  • Adhesive-backed magnetic sheet
  • Colored pencils or markers


Changeable Carryall Tins - Step 1

Trace the top of the tin onto both the paper and the magnetic sheet, then draw and color a design on the paper.

Changeable Carryall Tins - Step 2

Cut out both shapes, remove the backing from the magnet, and stick the drawing to it.

Set the decorated magnet on the top of the tin, then fill the tin with all those very important things.